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A lush, green lawn is the pride of any homeowner, but achieving and maintaining that picture-perfect landscape requires more than just mowing and watering. Regular lawn fertilization is a key factor in promoting healthy growth, color, and resilience in your lawn. Hiring a professional Austin lawn fertilization company prevents weeds, saves money, and ensures visible results. At Real Green Pest Control & Lawn Care, we understand that lawn fertilization isn’t a one-size-fits-all-task. We have experience accommodating various grass types, soil conditions, and Austin climate. With ideal lawn fertilization timing and the proper skillset to assess your property’s unique needs, we can tailor your lawn fertilization solutions to produce optimal results. Contact our Austin lawn care specialists today to learn more and start your year-round lawn fertilization.

Professional Lawn Fertilization Services

At Real Green Pest Control & Lawn Care, we implement years of experience tending to and nurturing lawns to stand by our promise to deliver More Green, Less Weeds, and Visible Results.

Ongoing Assessment – Determine the right type and amount of fertilization needed, and provide customized solutions that address your lawn’s specific needs.

Micro-Nutrients – In addition to supporting key metabolic processes, proper lawn fertilization enhances nutrient uptake and maintains pH levels that play a key role in optimal grass growth and soil health.

Routine Application – With regular applications of balanced and slow-release fertilizers, your lawn can receive the right nutrients at the right time, and maintain a consistent and healthy growth pattern.

Austin Lawn Fertilization

Our proactive lawn analysis and routine lawn fertilization schedule ensure that your lawn receives the necessary bio-nutrients, prevents weeds, and sustains appropriate grass growth.

  • Late February-Early March: Apply simple 15-5-10 for early green up, and pre-emergent to create weed barriers and promote helpful microorganisms.
  • Late March-Early April: Apply slow-release 3-1-2 ratio fertilizers with 3% iron and 10% sulfur to enhance spring growth and promote long-lasting color.
  • May to early June: Apply another application of herbicide to control weeds.
  • Late June-Early July: Apply slow-release 3-1-2 ratio fertilizers with 3% iron and 10% sulfur to minimize surge growth and provide a consistent food source.
  • June-September: Apply granular or liquid iron once a year for yellow or necrotic grass or turf grass to protect your lawn from the heat of summer. Use fungicides for Gray Leaf Spot.
  • September-October: Use systemic lawn fungicide for Brown Patch.
  • October-November: Apply winterize formula high in phosphorus for winter hardiness.
  • Late October-Early November: Use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds in February and March.
  • December-January: Apply bio-stimulant with micro-nutrients to reduce winter damage and ensure a fast recovery.
  • Two to three times a year: Use pre-emergent herbicides to control weeds.
  • Year-round: Use post-emergent herbicide treatment for broadleaf weeds. Use MSMA for Bermuda and Zoysia grass only.
  • Use insecticides only if necessary.

Real Green Lawn Care

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Austin Lawn Care Services

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Real Green's lawn service is customized to your lawn with professional grade products and fight the tough, drought related weeds, lawn-damaging bugs and disease while providing a nutrient-rich diet and water saving products to thicken and green up your lawn. No more messy fertilizer and chemical storage. No more concerns about burning your yard. You water and mow, we’ll do the rest.

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